Our Vision: To provide quality audio video service to Second Baptist Riverside church members, guests and other ministries as we all support spreading the teachings, the gospel and the words of our Savior Jesus Christ.
Our 2015 Accomplishments: During the last sixth months of 2015 we moved from quiet PowerPoint presentations, to PowerPoint presentations with sound to presentations with sound and videos. As we transition into 2016 we have moved to church generated Video Announcements. We appreciate our church’s support and patience as we made a few stumbles along the way.
Our plans for 2016: In 2016 we plan to integrate more custom graphics, special effects and to broadcast our Sunday service live onto our website.
We will also be providing a continuing flow of audio video content to support our website. The Audio Video Ministry is seeking individuals to display their talents and/or encourage individuals who have an eagerness to learn about the ministry.

Bruce Ingram, Coordinator

Weekly Video Announcements