T. Ellsworth Gantt II
is a native of Texarkana, Arkansas. He was born to Theodus E. Gantt Sr. & Era Opal Gantt.  He’s a twin and the youngest of four children.  He attended public schools from K-12 in Texarkana, Arkansas.  He accepted Christ at an early age, and at 17 years old, he accepted his calling to preach the Gospel of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Education – T. Ellsworth Gantt II graduated from Washington High School in Texarkana, Arkansas. He attended Bishop College in Dallas, Texas, graduating with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Religion and Philosophy; to further his education, he attended Perkins Theological Seminary and SMU. 


Leadership – In 1972 while attending Bishop College, he was called to Pastor, Hickory Baptist Church, in Nash, Texas. In 1976, he was called to Pastor, Zion Travel Baptist Church, in Clarksville, Texas. In 1977, he was called to Pastor, Mt. Calvary Baptist Church, in Tucson, Arizona. In November 1990, he was called to Pastor, Second Baptist Church, in Riverside, California, where he currently serves as the Senior Pastor.  


Journey –

God has blessed our pastor to produce many preachers/teachers, pastors and evangelists under his pastoral leadership. Pastor is a friend and mentors many preachers/pastors across the country.  He has been blessed to travel the country for leadership, stewardship and evangelistic services. One of the greatest experiences in pastor’s life is when he travel to Kenya, Africa, and ministered to his brother and sisters.  In addition, he has been invited to preach in countries all over the world, including Holland, India, and London.


TBN – Pastor has been ministering the gospel on the Trinity Broadcast Network yearly. He is privileged to have an open invitation with the TBN family. 


Civic – Pastor has participated in numerous civic and community activities during the course of his ministry. He has represented the voice of Christian conscious in each community in which he has served. He has visibly established himself in Riverside by affiliating with the local, civic, schools and community organizations. He has built a relationship with local officials which include the current mayor and city council. His enthusiasm and charismatic personality brings joy to the Second Baptist Church family and those who cross his path.

Pastor’s Family – He’s married to the former Ms. Tofa Faasasalu Polamalu with four adult children, one eleven year old son, and ten grandchildren.